Hong Kong


HANG FUNG INDUSTRIAL CO. LTD. has been established since 1987. We are an experienced manufacturer with 8,000 sq. meters fully equipped factory located in Shantou, Guangdong Province, China.

We employed over 380 skillful workers/staffs to serve customers from all over the world. We produce a wide range of the following products:

  • Long Blade Scuba Diving Fins
  • New Removable Long Blade Scuba Diving Fins
  • New Pneumatic Spear Guns with Regulator
  • New Pneumatic Spear Guns w/o Regulator
  • New Pneumatic Spear Guns Spare Parts/Accessories
  • New Pneumatic Spear Gun Emergency Knife
  • New Rubber Guns
  • New Rubber Guns Parts/Accessories
  • Hand Spears and Multi-Prongs Spear Head

We have our own tooling department and injection department to develop the new products for our reliable customers.

We are the first one and the only one producer of Long Blade Scuba Diving Fins and New Pneumatic Spear Guns and also all the products are patented in China.

Guaranteed to offer cheapest competitive prices and prompt delivery time. OEM/ODM projects are most welcome.

Please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail immediately. Our experienced staffs are always ready to provide an efficient services and swift response to your inquiries.

Mono Fins for Adult and Children - Mid. April, 2015
Long Carbon Fiber Blade Diving Fins - Mid. June, 2016
Long Fiberglass Blade Diving Fins - Mid. November, 2019



We have developed these 2 new products since 2009
Now we can provide 2 new products of fins for our
professional diving customers to choose:

  1. Underwater Hockey - Short Foot Pockets w/Short Fin Rail
  2. X-Large Size Foot Pockets SIZE:US14/16 (EU48-50)
  3. Full Carbon Fiber Blade Diving Fins
  1. This fin is composed of multiple layers of high quality
    pure carbon-fiber and fiber-glass
  2. Comfortable and soften for scuba diving
  3. High resilience/strong flexibility for scuba diving
  4. For removable fin blade function

Our new products are the first one and we are also the only one producer in china

Pneumatic Guns/Sharp Accessories and Rubber Guns/Sharp Accessories are only available to sell for exporting oversea purpose.
It is not for Mainland China and Hong Kong markets.
Of course, we are welcome your Freight Forwarder or provide your Courier account to ship from EXW SHANTOU.

  Fax : (852) 8343 2187