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AquGear Brand
Rubber Speargun for Camo Aluminum Euro-Type
8950-EU-CA – 89140-EU-CA

The high quality range of rubber spearguns made from the finest materials by skilled craftsmen. Rubber spearguns use the stronger latex band as a spring to propel a piston down the barrel to launch the spear shaft at highest velocity.

When the rubber speargun is re-loaded by inserting the spear shaft and pushing it down the barrel with the latex band in readiness for the next shot. Because the spear travels from within the barrel it is less likely to wander off target giving greater accuracy. These guns are highly reliable and require very little maintenance other than thorough washing with clear water when not in use.

Special 4 New Concepts
New top enclosed track for guide shaft to shoot the accuracy of your target.
New TPR gripped handle concept to prevent smooth from hand during use.
Both sides are provided with new released safety locks for the users.
Speargun knife can be used as one more function to attach to the handle.

Colors combination in assorted TPR gripped handles as per your option as well.
Available in sizes length : 50/60/70/80/90/110/120/130/140 cm.


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